HUSKROUA 2021-2027

The programming process of the Interreg A NEXT Programme between Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine for the period 2021-2027 has been started in 2019 with the involvement of all four participating countries.

In summer 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary as the Managing Authority of the current Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Programme (ENI CBC) requested the Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives (CESCI) to elaborate the territorial analysis of the next Programme.

The main objective of the territorial analysis was to provide the stakeholders involved in the Programming Committee (PC) with an overview on the territorial processes of the border region and information on the intentions and opinions of the territorial and sectorial actors on the content of the future Programme.

The territorial analysis of the programme document has concluded five major proposed Thematic Objectives – Priorities (TO6-P1 Environment; TO8-P1 Disasters; TO7-P1 Transport; TO8-P2 Health; TO3-P1 Heritage), which were narrowed down by the PC to three Priority objectives (A resilient and green border region; A healthy and attractive border region; A more cooperating region).

Based on the results of the analysis, another expert team could have started its assignment to elaborate the backbone of the programme concept, in concrete, defining the priorities, policy objectives, specific objectives, potential beneficiaries, type of actions, target groups and indicators of the future Programme. In addition, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) expert team has been involved at an early stage so their recommendations can be channelled into the planning process, leading to an improved programme document.

Workshops for stakeholders in the selected priority fields were conducted in September, 2021 online.

Programming Committee meetings

1. 1st Programming Committee meeting, online - 16th of December, 2020 – final territorial analysis approved

2. 2nd Programming Committee meeting, online – 9th of June, 2021

3. 3rd Programming Committee meeting, online – 14th of December, 2021

Documents available in frame of public consultation of the draft Interreg Programme and regarding the SEA process of Interreg A NEXT Programme between Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine for the period 2021-2027