Programme bodies

The Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI Cross-border Cooperation Programme is managed and supported by a series of different bodies that are responsible for administering the programme and assisting projects. 

The institutions below represent the internal governance of the programme. The Joint Techical Secretariat together with each country's Branch Office work directly with applicants and project representatives.

Full details of the role and responsibilities of each body can be found in the Joint Operational Programme.

  • The Joint Monitoring Committee: consists of members delegated to it according to Article 22 of the ENI CBC IR. It is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the programme;
  • The Managing Authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary; manages and implementes the joint operational programme;
  • The Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS): hosted by Széchenyi Programme Office; supports the activity of JMC, AA and the MA in delivery of its day-to-day management tasks;The Branch offices of the JTS: on-site information offices help and assist the work of the JTS
  • The Audit Authority: Directorate General for Audit of European Funds Hungary.  The AA as independent audit body shall be responsible for the designation audits.The Audit Authority of the programme ensures that audits are carried out on the management and control systems, an appropriate sample of projects and the annual accounts of the programme;
  • Representatives to the group of auditors referred to in Article 28(2):  
    • HU Institution: Directorate General for Audit of European Funds Hungary; Department/Position: Directorate for Economic Development and Auditing International Funds;
    • SK Institution: Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic; Department/Position:Audit and Control Section;
    • RO Institution: Romanian Court of Accounts - Audit Authority; Department/Position: Audit Directorate for ERDF;
    • UA Institution: Accounting Chamber of Ukraine. Departments/Positions: Defence and Law Enforcement Audit Department, Head Controller and Director of the Department and Auditor; Agricultural Industry, Nature Protection and Emergencies Audit Department, Chief of the division and Senior Auditor; Chairman Advisor.