Carpathian Forest Schools – a Pilot Cooperation for Nature Protection and Environmental Education

  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority6.1: Sustainable use of the environment in the cross border area - preservation of natural resources, actions to reduce GHG emission and pollution of rivers
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/6.1/0053
  • EU Funding605,100.15 €
  • Project start date 1 October 2019
  • Project end date30 September 2021
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  • Project statusIn progress

The project aims to support forest preservation practices in the Carpathian cross-border area by enhancing environmental education through Forrest School activities and raising awareness of local communities on the value of forest biodiversity conservation and protection of unique Carpathian mountain ecosystems.
The project will pilot two Forest Schools – environmental education centres on both sides of the border – that will interpret the nature and conservation work around. Local counterparts will be equipped with powerful instruments to educate youth who in the nearest future will make thoughtful decisions related to the environment with comprehensive understanding how this environment works.
Strengthen with intense biodiversity raising awareness campaign, innovative infrastructure and established network of dedicated nature protection practitioners, project intends to demonstrate the interlink between the health of forest ecosystems and socio-economic wellbeing that is reflected in local practices and behaviours of residents &visitors. The novelty is the launch across the border of the Forest Schools with curricula to run workshops in nature, supported with observation facilities that will serve environmental education purposes long after project end. Partners will act as cross-border coalition to reinforce the importance of forest biodiversity conservation for the local sustainable development.

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Lead partner

Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region

282,389.25 €

Project partner

Dolyna District State Administration

Project partner

NFA Romsilva – Administration of Maramures Mountains Nature Park

Project partner

Vyhoda Village Council

32,327.94 €