Common culture in the past and today

  • AcronymCommon culture
  • CallHUSKROUA/1901
  • Priority3.1: Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1901/3.1/0057
  • EU Funding523,469.87 €
  • Project start date10 May 2021
  • Project end date9 May 2023
  • Project statusIn progress

The regions of Veľký Šariš and Veliki Luchki were connected in the past since it was old Hungary, the Austrian Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, or the first Czechoslovakia.
The most important connection between our regions is the personality of František Rákoczi II. Šaris castle belonged to his possessions and lived here for a long time and Uzhgorod and Mukacheve castles were his property as well.
As the high nobility was witnessed by the expositions at Šariš, Mukacheve and Uzhhorod castle, we would rather like to present the life of the middle class and landlords and craftsmen in the project and we want to present their common roots, culture and customs through activities in arts, crafts and folklore.
The expected results will be reached by strengthening the fundaments (mostly infrastructural, technical and institutional) for the development of culture and by organization of public cultural events aimed on presentation of the culture. The border region is one of the least developed regions in both participating countries. Through the reconstruction of historical monuments territory - Relaxation zone under the castle with Archeopark under Šariš castle and Reconstruction of the territory of the village house of culture of Veliki Luchki will improve the tourist infrastructure in both regions .
Woodcarver plein air, Folklore festival, Mediaval market and Final conference with opening of Archeopark will be organized with the aim of presentation of the culture for the young generation and tourists. Tourist product will be create as well as promotional movie and together with promotion materials will increase the No of visits to the regions, which will improve the situation in the field of tourism, increase the competitiveness of the regions, support business and decrease migration of young people to bigger towns.

  • Culture and heritage


Lead partner

Veľký Šariš city

372,187.57 €

Project partner

Velykoluchkivska village council

168,091.45 €