Cooperation for effective response

  • AcronymCOPE
  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority8.1: Support to joint activities for the prevention of natural and man-made disasters as well as joint action during emergency situations
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/8.1/0125
  • EU Funding534,900.71 €
  • Project start date15 July 2020
  • Project end date14 July 2021
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  • Project statusIn progress

As a result of climate change, floods have intensified in the area of the Upper Tisza region over the past decades, and sudden floods have occurred in mountainous areas due to heavy rainfall. The border area between Hungary and Ukraine is one of the most endangered areas from the point of view of flooding in Central Europe. In order to adapt to the climate change, to prevent and manage, the disasters capacity, human resources development and cross-border cooperation are needed.
The five beneficiaries of the project - Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Directorate of Hungarian Red Cross, Berehovo District Organization of Ukrainian Red Cross, Trans Carpathian Reformed Church, Ukraine, Romanian Red Cross Satu Mare Branch, Municipality of Vágáshuta have decided to develop and create a well equipped, trained rapid response unit who can coordinate the protection of the given area, develop, joint training programmes and workshops, exchange of experiences, create and equip headquarters and keep close contact with non-governmental and public rescue organisations.
Thanks to the integrated project in the border region, the first civilian-technical rescue base would be developed, where local civilian and voluntary rescue teams could be trained and implemented the preparatory training at local level.
With the involvement of the five partners, a volunteering means would be created in the area, which anybody can join voluntarily later on. The knowledge transfer of the accumulated experience contributes to a higher level of protection for the population and the economic bodies.

  • Disaster prevention


Lead partner

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Directorate of Hungarian Red Cross

Project partner

Vágáshuta Village

110,703.84 €

Project partner

Transcarpathian Reformed Church

119,844.90 €

Project partner

Beherove District Organisation of Ukrainian Red Cross

96,618.60 €

Project partner

Romanian Red Cross Satu Mare Branch

94,034.77 €