Cross-border cooperation for the care of high-risk patients

  • CallHUSKROUA/1901
  • Priority8.2: Support to the development of health
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1901/8.2/0070
  • EU Funding823,359.45 €
  • Project start date1 July 2021
  • Project end date31 August 2023
  • Project statusFinalized

The management of the two partner hospitals have decided to develop a joint project to develop health care, with a particular focus on high-risk patients requiring urgent and intensive care. (cardiology, stroke, cardiovascular or respiratory arrest patients, traumatic and intoxicated patients). The two hospitals are located along the E573 main road, 50 km apart, separated by a border. The link road is also a source of problems, and due to high car traffic, road accidents and sudden nausea are common on this route, which can lead to serious damage to health if a health care organization with adequate expertise is not available in time. Following the removal of care and life-threatening treatment in Kisvárda, the transportation of affected Ukrainian citizens to a cross-border receiving hospital must be resolved as soon as possible. The purpose of the two hospitals is to provide high-quality hospital departments on both sides of the border and to provide appropriate equipment for the care staff.
That's why we are developing a cubature of emergency and intensive care units in the two hospitals, equipped with new medical equipment. Uniform procedures and protocols ensure that, regardless of where on the border one lives or stays, they will be cured in the same manner in both hospitals as a matter of urgency.
The results of a successful project will be enjoyed by the people we serve, by our staff, but most of all by patients who are entering a safer care environment as a high-risk patient.
The result is the practical application of unified care principles, reduced mortality for high-risk patients, refurbished parts of the building and new equipment.
Our innovation is not only to improve material conditions, but to improve professional procedures and training for Ukrainian medical colleagues in Kisvárda.

  • Health


Lead partner

St. Damjan Greek Catholic Hospital

420,572.65 €

Project partner

Communal non-profit enterprise "Uzhgorod District Clinical Hospital of Uzhgorod district council of Zakarpattia region"