CULTURE IN THE MIRROR - Restoration of Bay House in Seini (RO) and Concert Hall in Kalush (UA) into Multicultural Centers

  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority3.1: Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/3.1/0020
  • EU Funding933,373.42 €
  • Project start date15 September 2019
  • Project end date14 September 2021
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  • Project statusIn progress

This project addresses common problems identified by the two Partners, including: poor quality of the existing local cultural infrastructures, low degree of cross-border intercultural engagement and low touristic attractiveness of the region delimited by Seini (RO) and Kalush(UA). The implementation of the project will provide this area with three results: an improved cultural infrastructure through preservation of historical heritage sites, a tighter intercultural cooperation as a result of organizing common cultural events and activities, and a greater touristic attractiveness of the two cities as a result of increased promotion of newly-created cultural entertainment opportunities. The main activities are: 1. restoring and endowing historical monument Bay House in Seini and civic monument Concert Hall in Kalush, to establish two Multicultural Centers “in the mirror”. 2. organizing joint activities and events to intensify intercultural cooperation in the Romanian-Ukrainian border region. 3. designing and distributing touristic promotional materials focused on the cultural entertainment potential of the two cities.4. organizing work meetings to monitor the implementation of the project. 5. external communication activities to ensure the visibility of the project and the contribution of the EU to achievement of the desired results. The target group will comprise 55 representatives of the local communities, who will directly benefit from the project by enhancing their intercultural knowledge and skills: 36 students,7 teachers/artists,12 citizens with cultural insight. The indirect beneficiaries are the local communities of the two cities, together with tourists seeking unique cultural experiences. The innovative aspect of the project is the establishment of two Multicultural Centers “in the mirror”, proving that joint activities can be implemented by two different countries, to solve common problems and reach jointly-established objectives.

  • Culture and heritage


Lead partner

Seini City

640,433.26 €

Project partner

Kalush City Council

292,940.16 €