Development and modernization of the access infrastructure to the Romanian-Ukrainian border crossing point from Tarna Mare-Hyzha

  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority7.1: Development of transport infrastructure to improve the mobility of persons and goods
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/7.1/0064
  • EU Funding964,564.59 €
  • Project start date 1 September 2019
  • Project end date31 August 2022
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  • Project statusIn progress

The present project proposal concerns the development and modernisation of the access infrastructure to the Romanian-Ukrainian border crossing point from Tarna Mare-Hyzha as well as a soft component. It proposes the improvement of the access infrastruture on the both sides of the border and cooperation activities between the relevant stakeholders of the partners.
The weak infrastructure is a reality that people from both sides of the border face everyday, and the mobility of people and goods is hamperered because of this problem.
The solving of this problem, and creating a modernized access infrastructure is a challenge for both territories participating in the project, because a good infrastructure will lead to the development of the two regions (two of the pourest regions in Europe). Therefore the implementation of this project will create an added value to these regions in particular, and to Europe in general, by contributing to their development (economic, social etc.).
To the social and economical development of the two regions will also contribute implementation of the proposed seminars, which will raise awareness of the participants in up-to-date issues such as environmental protection, economic development, traditions, border legal reglementations, team work.
The expected results of the project are:
-Increase of number of vehicles using the built,
modernized transport and border management
infrastructure (number of vehicles per day) from 350 to 1100
-Total length of reconstructed or upgraded roads (km) (COI27) 2, 859 km
-One developed cross-border partnership
-Six common seminars organised
-30 participants at common seminars
-3 conferences held
-70 participants at each conference
-200 leaflets
-300 brochures
-5 roll ups
-4 display pannels
-3 commemorative plaques
-12 press releases
-2 press conferences
The project is innovative because it combines an infrastructure component with a soft component, in order to establish a common border region identity.

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Lead partner

Tarna Mare Commune

Project partner

Khyzha Village Council

Project partner

Satu Mare County Council

21,570.48 €