GreenWheels: Ecotransport of the Future - Today

  • AcronymGreenWheels
  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority7.1: Development of transport infrastructure to improve the mobility of persons and goods
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/7.1/0041
  • EU Funding843,453.16 €
  • Project start date1 August 2020
  • Project end date31 July 2023
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  • Project statusIn progress

Eco-transport of the future is the reality today! Nowadays, large cities and European states replace diesel engines by eco-friendly ones (by 2030). It means, in several years people will intensively turn to EVs and our region may become isolated for European travellers due to absence of EV infrastructure causing catastrophe for our tourism-oriented region! Keeping this in mind and unwilling to drop behind the intensively developing Europe, experts started thinking how to push EV development in the region. Thus, 2 major problems have been identified, i.e. backward e- transport development due to low public awareness and cross-border EV traffic complicated due to deficient public EV infrastructure in the region. To solve the problem basic cross-border EV infrastructure will be established, awareness raising activities carried out, information and consultancy provided to stakeholders, resulting:
- network of public infrastructure established for cross-border EV mobility;
- stakeholders are willing to establish free public EV infrastructure on their sites;
- local and regional authorities received recommendations for urban areas and inter-city roads planning including EV needs;
- EV info and consultancy by International Centre for Innovation Technologies (ICIT) Green Wheels in the region;
- people are aware of EV benefits and perspectives. Innovative: project builds partnership with stakeholders to secure prompt development of EV infrastructure in the region. It’ll establish basic CB network of charging infrastructure (17 stations), while through its consultancy, awareness raising activities it’ll stimulate establishment of at least 60 more free public stations by other entities on their sites, municipalities will plan urban areas respecting EV needs, people will get familiar with EV technologies. So, small investments lead to great results: project unites efforts of community, private and public sectors in solving common problems.
One more innovative solution is “0” emission rapid charging station based on solar energy to be displayed and operated at ICIT “Green Wheels".

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Factory of Investment Projects

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First Contact Center - Michalovce

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KIÚT Regional Development Association

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