Improving accessibility and mobility in the SK-UA cross-border region

  • AcronymCarpathian Mobility
  • CallHUSKROUA/1901
  • Priority7.1: Development of transport infrastructure to improve the mobility of persons and goods
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1901/7.1/0054
  • EU Funding1,033,842.47 €
  • Project start date 1 June 2021
  • Project end date31 May 2023
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  • Project statusIn progress

The project „Improving Accessibility and Mobility in the SK- UA Cross-Border Region“ is a joint project of 6 partners from SK and UA. The overall objective of the project is “Improvement of accessibility and mobility in the Slovak- Ukrainian cross-border region and support of eco-friendly transport”. The objective is set in accordance with the overall Programme goal to intensify the cooperation between Ukraine and the EU Member States and supports the vision of the Programme to reach the level of cross- border accessibility that will support day-to-day cross- border cooperation. Specific objectives are:
1.Improve the cycling conditions by modernizing relevant infrastructure along the Poloniny and Uzhansky Trails;
2. Build capacities on mobility through formal learning and transfer of the know-how;
3. Promote the importance of environment- friendly transport by awareness-raising activities.

Projects focuses on two trails: Poloniny and Uzhansky, which are two separate cycling projects of two neighbouring regions, which symmetrically enter the project and participate in each other’s activities with the long-term aim to connect them. Both countries are part of the European network of Eurovello cycling routes, which only supports the idea of the project and its long-term vision of connecting cycling routes across Europe.
To fulfil the objectives of the project, project consortium will implement investment and soft activities such as: reconstruction of cycling routes, building of small infrastructure (intelligent rest stops, bicycle parking, etc.), road marking and soft activities aimed on capacity building and promotion of joint activities.

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Lead partner

Prešov Self-Governing Region

107,712.61 €

Project partner

Velykyi Bereznyi Village Council

Project partner

Interregional Centre of Cross-Border Cooperation

156,060.00 €

Project partner

Forest and Agricultural Estate Ulič, state enterprise

515,424.74 €

Project partner

Municipality of Stakčín

24,488.15 €

Project partner

Municipality of Ulič

80,386.42 €