Integrated solutions for improvement of health care and prevention services in cross border area

  • AcronymHealth CBC
  • CallHUSKROUA/1901
  • Priority8.2: Support to the development of health
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1901/8.2/0032
  • EU Funding763,529.81 €
  • Project start date1 June 2021
  • Project end date31 May 2023
  • Project statusFinalized

The project addresses some of the weaknesses identified in the Romanian-Ukrainian border area in relation to the healthcare system (inadequate linkages between complementary services; poor understanding regarding the patient's needs; inequalities in healthcare infrastructure; failure to create proper administrative conditions for small communities healthcare services etc).
The inadequate infrastructure for primary medical services in Santau and the lack of the ambulance service in Tarna Mare and the lack of special medical equipments and proper medical infrastructure in Vinogrand affect the quality of living in both target localities and surroundings.
Moreover, the target area is full of small communities where people have little information or interest in adopting preventive behaviour from the healthcare point of view.
People suffer of many chronic diseases which often alter their quality of life and bring higher costs for them and for the state.
Project’s overall objective is to increase the quality of health services in Santau, Tarna Mare, Vinograd and their surroundings with a complex infrastructure renovation investment and special equipment and ambulance purchasing, which contributes to the establishment of adequate community health services in the border area.
Project main objective fits with the Program specific objective due to the fact that our proposal contributes to the local development, reduces the inequalities in health status and creates the transition from institutional to community-based health services. The project will contribute to the improvement of the life-quality of people living in the area, and in middle-term result is the increase of the number of healthier citizens.
At the end of the project, the medical care for cross-border health problems shall be improved by identifying the best ways to promote medical competence. A total number of 124.000 people from Ukraine and Romania will be positively affected by this project.

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Lead partner

Santau Commune

259,588.67 €

Project partner

Tarna Mare Commune

Project partner

Municipal Non-Commercial Enterprise ”Vynohradiv District Hospital” of Vynohradiv Town Council of the Transcarpathian Region

382,175.33 €