Promotion of cross-border historical and cultural tourism based on the heritage of Pintea the Brave

  • CallHUSKROUA/1901
  • Priority3.1: Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1901/3.1/0045
  • EU Funding849,897.06 €
  • Project start date 1 May 2021
  • Project end date30 April 2023
  • Project statusIn progress

Born in 1670, Pintea Grigore was in conflict with the noblemen of the area and decided to fight against social injustice. He gathered a group of 12 men and they became outlaws. They attacked many castles of the noblemen taking food, clothes and money and giving them to the poor, terrifying the noblemen who wanted to capture Pintea but the outlaw managed to miraculously escape every time. The PINTEA HERITAGE Project aims to innovatively build on the legend of the well-known outlaw Pintea (and other historical figures) in order to increase the attractiveness, visibility, market presence of the cross- border area and increase the number of tourists by constructing new tourist and recreational infrastructure and developing a common tourist network and route along the cross-border localities where there is historical evidence of Pintea the Brave’s presence. Pintea the Brave resembles in many ways the world-famous Robin Hood and represents a brand (there are museums and statues, schools and public institutions named after him, movies, songs and poems created around his character) which can help market and promote tourism in the cross-border region. However, such a high-profile reputation means tourist expect to find well preserved historical sites, modern recreational infrastructure and attractions to
make their visit worthwhile and encourage other tourists to come. The municipality of Ardud proposes the construction of an area for medieval festivals, a park and a little knights camp within the Ardud medieval fortress. The municipality of Vyshkovo proposes the modernization of the historical center. The facilities will lay the foundation for the development of a tourist network and thematic route along the cross-border area, organization of annual joint festivals for exchanges and promotion of the local culture and traditions and dissemination and promotion of tourist attractions in the cross-border area.

  • Culture and heritage


Lead partner

Municipality of Ardud

574,506.06 €

Project partner

Vyshkovo village council