Regional Center for Training and Monitoring of the Environmental Impact of Electrical Installations

  • AcronymCRIMIGE
  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority6.1: Sustainable use of the environment in the cross border area - preservation of natural resources, actions to reduce GHG emission and pollution of rivers
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/6.1/0022
  • EU Funding245,373.76 €
  • Project start date1 March 2020
  • Project end date28 February 2022
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  • Project statusIn progress

The project “Regional Center for Training and Monitoring of the Environmental Impact of Electrical Installations’, takes on very bravely and for the first time in the region, the theme of environmental protection against the different forms of negative impact of electricity in the cross border area.
The main objective is to realise joint ecological education and an awareness campaign regarding the environmental impact of electricity based on surveys and experience and practices exchanges. Therefore, it proposes a collaboration in a well-organized manner, under the direct coordination of two multidisciplinary teams from Romania and Ukraine, which are going to run a series of common activities, grouped as it follows:
- Identification of common elements and differences in the assessment systems of the environmental impact of electrical installations and legislation in this cross-border area;
- Theoretical and practical training of the 120 students/master degree students (60 from each country), regarding the cross border impact on the environment of the production, transport, distribution and use of energy;
 Creating together a database regarding the values of electromagnetic pollution, radiation, sound and vibrations of the electric installations from the cross-border region;
 Cooperation with different organizations (civil, public, private) interested in the impact of energy systems on the environment;
Living in approximately the same geographic area, all of us use common natural resources, but unfortunately there is a low level of information about the negative impact of electricity on the environment and on the human communities in our cross-border region (Tisza River Basin).
The results of the project are expected to have an important impact on students from this cross-border area, specialists in the energy sector, environmentalists, also to help environment authorities responsible for the impact assessment studies and reports.

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Lead partner

North University Centre of Baia Mare

Project partner

Ivano-Frankivsk Technical University of Oil and Gas

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