SIGMED RO-UA – Cooperation for patients’ safety

  • AcronymSIGMED RO-UA
  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority8.2: Support to the development of health
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/8.2/0118
  • EU Funding948,136.53 €
  • Project start date 1 March 2020
  • Project end date28 February 2022
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  • Project statusIn progress

SIGMED RO-UA is combining efforts of 5 health care stakeholders in the cross-border area, tackling the territorial challenge of inequity in people’s access to safe and high quality healthcare services. The main objective of the projects is to increase clinical risk management capacity of 5 urban / municipal hospitals along the RO-UA border facing common patients’ safety challenges. The project enables co-operation between health care stakeholders in the cross-border area involving them in joint development of clinical protocols and harmonization of practices in the fields of cardiorespiratory resuscitation, human epidemiology and patients’ transfer between health care providers. The project creates a strong network of professionals from both sides of the border which will work together enhancing the joint institutional capacity of hospitals and stakeholders to provide better and safer health care services based upon harmonized protocols, sharing of good practices and access to necessary equipment. The project develops health services for population in the cross-border area at acceptable and comparable levels of quality contributing to the balanced development of the targeted region. This project starts „the engine” of risk management and develops the capacity of healthcare institutions to sustain it on a long term. Concretely, the project puts in place harmonized means (equipment protocols, intervention guide) becoming internalized, ensures training and determines institutions to adopt good practices developing the organizational culture of patient’s safety, risk and quality management. The project contributes to the development of accessibility of good quality health services across the eligible area by transferring the results and outcomes to other stakeholders in the region, improving health conditions of citizens and reducing the risk of human epidemiology hazards crossing the border.

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Lead partner

CREST Association

595,300.49 €

Project partner

National Authority of Quality Management in Healthcare

85,566.78 €

Project partner

Charitable Fund for the Development of Cross-Border Cooperation and Special Economic Zones

95,069.91 €

Project partner

Uzhhorod City Maternity Hospital

108,334.09 €

Project partner

Uzhhorod City Children's Clinical Hospital