Way out of EnergyTrap - more consciously for less energy

  • AcronymWay out of EnergyTrap
  • CallHUSKROUA/1702
  • Priority6.1: Sustainable use of the environment in the cross border area - preservation of natural resources, actions to reduce GHG emission and pollution of rivers
  • Project numberHUSKROUA/1702/6.1/0138
  • EU Funding302,409.68 €
  • Project start date 1 July 2020
  • Project end date30 June 2022
  • Websitehttps://www.enerea.eu/
  • Project statusIn progress

The proposed project aims to stimulate active participation of students and teachers in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by training them on how to save energy in schools and homes and raise awareness on the importance of conservation of natural resources by promoting the energy from renewable sources.
As a result of the project implementation, behaviour of students and teachers regarding energy consumption changes (as well as primary and secondary schools), thus the project contributes to moderation of energy consumption, and contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. In the framework of the project 3000 persons actively participating in environmental actions and awareness raising activities.
Families of the teachers and students, institutions participating in the project, as well as local communities benefits of the project results.
Beneficiary applicants also benefit of the project results as they will sustain a means of tools for environmental actions and awareness raising activities.
Innovation of the project lies in the ‘way out ENERGY TRAP escape room’ training facility which is a mobile 21st century facility meeting and keeping up with demands of Y generations as well by the fact it can be further developed
along with digital development.

  • Environment


Lead partner

ENEREA Észak-Alföld Regional Energy Agency


136,837.08 €

Project partner

European Initiatives Centre

83,202.30 €

Project partner

Regional Innovation Agency