Center for European Initiatives


  • Organisation Center for European Initiatives
  • County Zakarpattia
  • Priority Sustainable use of the environment in the cross border area - preservation of natural resources, actions to reduce GHG emission and pollution of rivers
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania
  • Contacts Nataliya Nosa, +38 0993254883,


Title of your project idea: Ecological Educational Center

Objectives of your project idea: The project’s overall objective is to provide  the monitoring water quality system in border regions of Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine

Specific objective: 1. Creating a cross-border model of attracting the youth to the environmental preservation, monitoring activities. 2. To establish the networking of the NGOs and educational institutions. 3. Promote the use of environmentally friendly attitude of the youth

Expected results: Cross-Border environmental and educational operating networks that implement joint planning and educational activities, Established the mobile  laboratory and the monitoring model of the water quality in border regions, youth and population in border regions took skills in water monitoring

Target groups/final beneficiaries: Youth and educational institutions, Ecological NGOs and institutions, NGO’s, especially those with environmental profile;            Inhabitants of the border regions

Main planned activities, Holding Expeditions and ecological camps along the rivers, Development of the Monitoring Results Platform, Development of the map of the points of pollutions, Holding trainings and workshops.

  • Environment