European School “Alliance”


  • Organisation European School “Alliance”
  • County Zakarpattia
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Romania
  • Contacts Nataliya Nosa-Pylypenko, +38 0993254990,


Title: Traditions to and for Carpathians

Objectives: Development of the new opportunities and products of the cultural and historical heritage in border regions development of a dynamic cultural sector contributing to economic growth and sustainable development

Expected results: 1. Basic researches regarding the new existing unifying values – existing traditional crafts and skills, historical and folklore unique products in border regions. 2. Establishment of the infrastructure for Cultural Heritage Promotion, holding the youth, cultural and Media Festivals in Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. 3. Raising awareness of the cultural sectors representatives through permanent activities of the Centre of common culture, educational seminars and trainings in each region.

Target groups/final beneficiaries:  Population of the target regions in mountains villages, peoples who has handicraft skills and youth interested in development of the traditions

Main planned activities: 1. Establishment of the Culture heritage media networking. 2. Reconstruction of the culture localities and establishment of the handicrafts festivals. 3. Promotion of the local cultures by creating of the films about. 4. Enlargement of the youth participation in the cultural events.

  • Culture