Hungarian National Trading House


  • Organisation Hungarian National Trading House
  • County Budapest
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine
  • Contacts Igaz Máté; +36 (20) 250-1135;


Title: Building up the vocational training system in the field of tourism in Slovakia, transfer and implement the EU based knowledge and know-how into Ukraine

Objectives: Development of the tourism training program along the following topics: 1. Common promotional activities (maps, information materials, on-line marketing); 2. Promotion of local products; 3. Development of a cross-border service standard (trademarks, certification systems); 4. Introduction of a tourism management approach; 5. Developing thematic network cooperation.

Expected results: Creating a practical knowledge based tourism training program, Number of cross-border cultural events organised and touristic products developed using ENI support(COI8)

Target groups/final beneficiaries: tourists experts, enterprises, tourists associations, youth organizations

Main planned activities: 1. Assessment of the situations, evaluation, benchmarking; 2. Training concept development; 3. Pilot training program (professional workshops); 4. Communication; 5. Project management.


  • Culture