Municipality of Bükkszentkereszt


  • Organisation Municipality of Bükkszentkereszt
  • County Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Romania, Ukraine
  • Contacts Réka Filep (project manager) Telephone: +36 20 273 0946 E-mail:


Objectives of your project idea: •    to preserve and protect the unique cultural heritage of the participating territories, especially focusing on the culture of minorities living in the target area, •    to increase the visibility and popularity of the participating sites by carrying out joint promotion activities, •    to organize joint cultural events with cross-border added value linked to cultural heritage, •    to develop the necessary tourism infrastructure.

Expected results: •    Increase in number of tourists visiting the target area, •    Preserving the cultural heritage, •    Developing a long-term cooperation between participating organisations and territories, •    Joint promotion and marketing activities, •    Joint cultural cross-border events

The project contributes to the following result indicator: •    Increase of number of visitors of reconstructed sites

The project contributes to the following output indicators: •    Number of organisations using programme support for promoting local culture and preserving historical heritage (COI6), •    Number of improved cultural and historical sites as a direct consequence of programme support (COI7), •    Number of cross-border cultural events organised and touristic products developed using ENI support (COI8)

Target groups/final beneficiaries: •    tourists, •    population living in the target area, •    traditional local producers (craftsmen, farmers…etc.), •    organisations supporting local culture and tourism (associations, NGOs…etc.), •    municipalities

Main planned activities: •    infrastructure development, •    joint promotion campaign, •    joint cross-border cultural events, •    sharing of experience, transferring good practices, •    preserving cultural heritage (cultural repository)

  • Culture