Nevytske Village Council


  • Organisation Nevytske Village Council
  • County Zakarpattia
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Romania
  • Contacts +380663151570


Overall objective: Increase the level of economic and cultural development of the territory.

Specific objectives: 1. Increase in tourist visit to the region; 2. Increasing the employment rate of the local population; 3. Development strategy of the local development; 4. Support of the development and promotion of traditional local Products.

Expected results: 1. Reconstruction and opening of Tradition Centre; 2. Developed of joint cross-border touristic destinations, thematic routes, packages; 3. Increased number of tourists in the region; 4. Improved cultural and historical sites of the region.

Main planned activities: 1. Workshops and trainings for local stakeholders in tourism, cooperation, promotion and networking. 2. Providing international, regional and local festivals and joint cultural events. 3. Support of the development and promotion of traditional local  products. 4. Developing of web platform which will help to promote local  products.

  • Culture