Nyzhniy Verbizh Amalgamated Community


  • Organisation Nyzhniy Verbizh Amalgamated Community
  • County Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Priority Development of transport infrastructure to improve the mobility of persons and goods
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania
  • Contacts Myroslav Vasylchuk, +38 (068) 620 43 10, wmw11071983@gmail.com


Title of your project idea: Development of the transport network of the borders of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine to increase the mobility of people and goods.

Objectives of your project idea: 1. Increasing the mobility of people, 2. Increased mobility of goods, 3. Enhance the safety of people using the border transport network

Expected results: 1. Growth of the turnover of the borderlands of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine. 2. Growth of tourist flows of the borderlands of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine. 3. Ensuring an adequate level of security for persons using the frontier transport infrastructure.

Target groups/final beneficiaries: Residents of the borderlands of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, local entrepreneurs, producers of products, representatives of the tourism industry.

Main planned activities: Construction of new local roads, and major overhaul of the existing transport network of the border. Acquisition of specialized equipment for maintenance of transport infrastructure. Installing special road markings, road signs, and signposts.

  • Transport