Public TV of Trascarpathia


  • Organisation Public TV of Trascarpathia
  • County Zakarpattia
  • Priority Development of ICT infrastructure and information sharing
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania
  • Contacts Meriavchyk Oleksandr +380 66 0229299


Title of your project idea: CBM network – Cross-border media

Objectives of your project idea: Developing of unified environment and web tool, which will provide modern equal access and opportunity of practical use of information by local population.

Specific objectives: Establish information providers, Creation of production platforms (studios), Developing of multi integrated digital platform «CBM Network», Creation of cross border correspondent network

Expected results: Newly established information providers (HU,SK,RO,UA); Production platforms – production studios (HU,SK,RO,UA); Cross border correspondent network; Multi integrated digital platform «CBM Network»; Cross border audience

Target groups/final beneficiaries: Local population in border area, Stakeholders who are creating media content

Main planned activities: 1. Main seminar (among the partners); Developing of statute and organizational documentation; Description of business – processes of the project; Developing of “Realization Project Strategy”; 2. Coordination and practical events of media content creation; 3. Holding seminars and workshops about correspond network  creation and expansion; 4. Public events and promotion of multiintegrateddigital platform «CBM network»

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