Teple Misto NGO


  • Organisation Teple Misto NGO
  • County Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania
  • Contacts Volodymyr Radevych, +380678551716, radevych.volodymyr@gmail.com


Title of your project idea: Museum of the Future. Interactive museum as a modern approach to the promotion of local culture and historic preservation

Objectives of your project idea: Adaptation of infrastructure and equipment of the museum offices involved in the project to perform the functions of a modern multimedia museum. Intensification of cooperation of the museum’s offices in the field of joint development of the cultural offer of the city. Enhancing the level of knowledge and competence of the employees of the museum and other subjects of culture. Development of system solution for the use of new technologies in creation of exhibition and educational offerings.

Expected results: Will increase the number of visitors of the historical heritage and cultural sites.

Target groups/final beneficiaries: Tourists, citizens, business.

Main planned activities; Study visits for empoyees of musems and municipal culture institutions. Restorer’s internships. Multimedia performances at the Ivano-Frankivsk Museum. Exhibitions. Restoration of the premises of the Ivano-Frankivsk Museum and the creation of a restoration workshop. Purchase of museum equipment with an emphasis on new technologies. Promotion and tourist identification of museum.

  • Culture