Ukrainian-Slovak Centre of cross-border cooperation


  • Organisation Ukrainian-Slovak Centre of cross-border cooperation “Carpathians”
  • County Zakarpattia
  • Priority Sustainable use of the environment in the cross border area - preservation of natural resources, actions to reduce GHG emission and pollution of rivers
  • Looking for partner from Hungary
  • Contacts Vadym Pylypenko, +38 050 8445223,


Title of your project idea: “Environmental Heart of the Europe” - balanced model of the effective border development aimed to border ecosystem protection and prevention of the river Uzh pollution.

Objectives of your project idea: The project’s overall objective is to provide environmentally balanced  development of border areas of Ukraine and Slovakia by means of establishment the number of joint development satellites with direct positive impact on border ecosystems and natural resources.

Specific objective: Creating a cross-border model of environmental preservation, that has a direct impact on ecosystems that are shared between the neighbouring countries. To preserve and improve environmental qualities and the richness of ecosystems by means of joint pollution prevention through creating a better wastewater treatment system in the border village of Storozhnica. Promote the use of environmentally friendly attitude of the border communities and water management that ensure sustainable use of environment and natural resources and prevent pollution in the basin of river Uzh.

Expected results: Ecologically balanced development of the border territories on the basis of new approaches of model solutions to protect and enhance environment in 2 border areas. Prevention of the river Uzh pollution by means of establishment of wastewater system in border village from Ukrainian side, namely: Storozhnica village, using the best experience and best approaches implemented in  border Slovakian community. Cross-Border environmental operating networks that implement joint planning and ecosystem protection. 

  • Environment