Vynogradiv City Council


  • Organisation Vynogradiv City Council
  • County Zakarpattia
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania
  • Contacts Vitaliia Vakarova, tel/fax: +38 03143 26640, email: cbc.project2020@gmail.com


Title of your project idea: Restoring of Protected Complex “Park and Palace Pereni”

Objectives of your project idea: Overall objective: popularization, development and preservation of objects of local culture and history.

Specific objective: 1. Preservation and development of cultural and historical heritage. 2. Implementation of activities that reveal the role of the object in the history of Europe. 3. Creation of tourist product. 4. Holding the marketing campaign of city attractiveness.

Expected results: 1. Improving condition of cultural sites and cultural heritage. 2. Created and promoted tourist product – Protected Complex “Park and Palace Pereni”. 3. Increasing the tourist flow in the City. 4. Improving the cultural activities of City inhabitants.

Target groups/final beneficiaries: 1. Inhabitants of the Vynohradiv City. 2. Businesses representatives. 

Main planned activities: 1. Reconstruction of the palace Pereni, landscaping gardens and parkland, placing the fountain in the park, ground for rollers / skates (summer/winter). 2. Promotion tourist product – Protected Complex “Park and Palace Pereni. 3. Project management. 4. Holding of information campaign (festivals, information media events, etc.).

  • Culture