19 December 2023 - "Graduate kit" presentation ceremony within the humanitarian project "Together for a better future"




"Together for a Better Future" is a meaningful initiative by the Maltese Charitable Organization of Berehove and the Hungarian Charitable Service of the Order of Malta (Hungary) funded by the European Union within the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 ENI CBC programme focused on supporting young people affected by war, and providing humanitarian aid.

The solemn presentation began in the regional center, where, together with the Mayor, Director of the Berehovo District Maltese Aid Service, Janos Makuk, and the Deputy Chairman of Uzhhorod City Council, Ivan Zavydniak, handed over the graduation kits to internally displaced eleventh-graders from Uzhhorod and district schools.

In total, until the end of the year, 156 internally displaced school graduates in Zakarpattia region will receive a power bank, a flash drive, an extension cord, an electric kettle, a thermos, a table lamp, bedding, dishes, a towel, a sleeping bag, a heater, all packed in a large suitcase.