22 December 2022 - Ceremonial signature of the grant contract within Zero Waste project


Ceremonial signature of the grant contract within Zero Waste project


Ceremonial signature of the Grant Contract for project HUSKROUA/1701/LIP/006 „Zero Waste” took place in the premise of the Széchenyi Programme Office Nonprofit LLC on 21 December, 2022. The project has strategic priority and focusing on reduction of pollution in Ukraine (Zakarpattya region) by establishment of waste management facilities in Zakarpattya region and raising awareness for changing in people attitude.

The Lead Beneficiary of the project is Tisza European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation with Limited Liability.

The Grant Contract covers in total 5 555 555,56 EUR , where 5 000 000 EUR is ENI CBC share. However, in order to complete the entire project construction of the landfill (in Yanoshi village, Ukraine) additional necessary fund of EUR 2,277,847.52 is planned to be provided from Hungarian state budget.

During the ceremony, the President of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Council, Mr. Seszták Oszkár and the Head of the Zakarpattya County Coucil Mr. Volodymyr Chubyrko expressed their full support to the project implementation. They underlined that project has priority and strategical meaning for sustainable development of the cross border regions. The Head of the JTS Mr. Áron Szakács underlined that it is crucial to implement planned construction in Ukraine (Yanoshi) and additional funds which will be allocated by Hungarian state budget has great input to the project results.