8 October 2023 - Closing conference of SAFETISZA project took place in Vynogradiv


Closing conference of SAFETISZA project took place in Vynogradiv


On the 4th of October, 2023 the Closing Conference for the project HUSKROUA/1701/LIP/003 "Strengthening of cross-border safety by joint measures aimed at flood and inland water prevention in the interfluves of Tisza-Tur rivers" took place.

The project aimed to strengthen the stability of the regions in the border area of Ukraine and Hungary by implementing comprehensive flood management activities, which led to enhanced adaptation to climate change and improved joint disaster management in the Tisza River basin.

As a result of the implementation of infrastructure activities, settlements on both sides of the border were protected from the 100-year flood. In addition, a set of measures changed the water supply regime during floods and dry periods. The Project activities are concentrated in Vynohradiv district of Zakarpattia region, Ukraine. A significant part of the project activities will also take place in the Hungarian territory of the Batar Reclamation System, in the Szabolcs-Szotmar-Bereg region.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Joint Secretariat of the Programme, the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhhorod, the State Water Agency of Ukraine, the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration, the Berehove District State Administration, project partners, representatives of local authorities and other organizations.