14 June 2023 - Cruise on the Bodrog River within the "Environment for the Future by Scientific Education" project


Cruise on the Bodrog River within the


The Green event “Cruise on the Bodrog River” took place on 12th of June, 2023 within the HUSKROUA/1901/6.1/0075 "Environment for the Future by Scientific Education" project.

The activity was aimed at introducing the ecology of wetland and river ecosystems of the Bodrog River basin. During the field trip on both the Slovak and Hungarian parts of the Bodrog River, littoral and riparian fauna and flora were observed. More than 40 participants were introduced to several typical plant and animal species of the lowland river through interpretation by experts and direct observation of the species. Among other things, measurements of basic water parameters were made and their importance for the organisms was also presented. During the boat cruise, birds associated with aquatic habitats and riparian and littoral vegetation typical of the lowland river habitat were observed. The results of the field survey will be part of EFFUSE Virtual Laboratory on the project website.