20 January 2023 - First meeting within the recently signed Zero Waste project took place in Yanoshi


First meeting within the recently signed Zero Waste project took place in Yanoshi



The first official meeting took place in Uzhgorod, Zakartpattya with the Head of Zakarpattya County Council Mr. Volodymyr Chubyrko and the Head of the Zakarpattya Regional Military Administration Mr. Viktor Mykyta. Meeting was devoted to the project HUSKROUA/1701/LIP/006 “Zero Waste: Theory for Everybody, Practice for Everyone in the Cross-Border Region” and support to its implementation on the regional level in Zakarpattya. 

The main topic of the meeting was final discussion with the management of the Regional Council and Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration on implementation of the project agenda for the construction of a waste sorting plant in the village of Yanoshi, in Beregiv region.

Áron Szakács, Director of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 CBC ENI program, expressed hope for creation of a communal structure for the management of the plant in order to show it as a model to the donors. This, in his opinion, should become a precedent that would allow work on further similar projects and not only in Transcarpathia. Therefore, he thanked the Regional Council and the Regional Military Administration for their cooperation. Mr. Szakács also mentioned that the process of using the funds must be as transparent as possible with the involvement of specialists and compliance with the relevant project rules.

The Head of the Regional Council emphasized that the importance of such plant lies in the fact that it will become a good example for other communities of the region, which often do not accept the idea of ​​building waste sorting or waste processing plants on their territories. In addition, due to new realities in connection with Russian aggression, it is planned to build a bomb shelter on the territory of the plant. According to Mr. Volodymyr Chubyrko, the best place for planning the next plant of the same type is the territory on the border of Tyachiv and Rakhiv districts. It is from here that the largest amount of solid household waste enters the Tisza.

As a result of the meeting, it was agreed that by the end of February Berehiv territorial community undertook to build 1,000 metres of road to the place of implementation of the project. Also, the Department of Capital Construction of Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration has been instructed to ensure the reconstruction of underpasses. According to the agreements, by the middle of February, Berehiv territorial community must make a decision on the surface of the land plot on which the project is implemented (the right to use someone else's land plot for development). A bomb shelter will also be built by the community of Yanoshi village.

At the meeting Hungarian side was represented by: Head of the Department of Cross-Border Operational Programs of the Ministry of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs of Hungary (Managing Authority of ENI "Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020" program) Nicoletta Horvath, temporary representative of the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhhorod László Vido, economic attaché of the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhhorod Alexandra Czyzmadia, Chairman of the General Assembly of Sabolch-Satmar-Bereg county Oskar Shestak, Head of Tisza European Territorial Association Andrea Saobne Czap, Head of the Secretariat of the State Secretary for Energy and Climate Policy of the Ministry of Energy, Director of Non-Commercial Agency for Territorial Development and Environmental Management of Sabolch-Satmar-Bereg county Us Illes, Economic Manager of LLC "Non-Commercial Agency for Territorial Development and Environmental Management" of Sabolch-Satmar-Bereg county Sakal-Kish Chilla, project manager of Non-commercial Agency for Territorial Development and Environmental Management of Sabolch-Satmar-Bereg county Anita Posh, and program manager of CBC ENI "Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine" program Tetiana Klymenko.

From Ukrainian side: the deputy Heads of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration Myroslav Biletskyi, Ihor Shynkaryuk and Vasyl Ivancho, acting Head of the Department of Euroregional Cooperation of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration Dmytro Miroshnikov, Head of the Department of International and Regional Relations of Executive Office of Oblast Council Vasyl Makovskyi, Deputy Director of Tisza European Territorial Association Yudita Yevchak, and the Chairman of Berehiv District Council Karlo Rezesh.