25 April 2022 - The two-year Health4all! HUSKROUA project had been successfully implemented


The two-year Health4all! HUSKROUA project had been successfully implemented


The two-year "Health4all! Capacity building in the health care system providing for children with special needs" HUSKROUA project had been successfully implemented. In frame of the project, in addition to providing early development, the Hidden Treasures Down Syndrome Association undertook the care of children with special needs, the training of professionals, exchange of experiences, the creation and renovation of inclusive spaces and the support of families across the border in cooperation with the Malteser Charity Organization in Bereghovo Region.

The project was even more successful than the two organizations had dreamed of years ago: a total of more than 14,000 therapeutic sessions for 344 children were provided by professionals in Nyíregyháza and Bereghovo, but the institutions of the organizations were also completely renewed. In Nyíregyháza, the ventilation system was modernized in the Csodavár Early Development Center and Playhouse, the rooms became air-conditioned and the roofs equipped with solar panels. The interior of the 320 sqm building has become more modern, the playhouse has been equipped with new, exciting and unique interactive tools by the association’s staff in the project and a lot of new development tools have also been purchased. In Bereghovo, the institution was modernized with a heat pump system and a hydraulic elevator.

The success of the project was also due to the excellent relationship between the two organizations, which has remained unbroken ever since. Following the closure of the Health4all! project activities in December 2021, the co-operation of the two organization has not finished. Due to the war in Ukraine, many people have left the country, including families raising children with disabilities in need of development. With the support of the charity organization in Bereghovo, the association in Nyíregyháza welcomes those children and provides them with free development sessions in the renovated Nyíregyháza institution.

The 4-year-old Zsenya has been to the ’Wonder Castle’ operated by the association several times. The little girl is not talking at all. Due to her condition, he also attended a special kindergarten in his home in the city of Sumy in eastern Ukraine. However, her development was over because they had to flee due to the war. It is not unknown to the staff of the institution if a small child does not communicate at all, so her mother, Natasha, could have known her in the Hidden Treasures Down Syndrome Association in safe and understanding hands. The 4-year-old beautiful blonde girl took part in movement development in ’Wonder Castle’ and in the playhouse of the institution, while her mother took care of their affairs and their future.

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