19 May 2023 - Upcoming Zero Waste launching conference


Upcoming Zero Waste launching conference


On June 8, 2023, the Launching Conference within the project "ZeroWaste: Theory for Everybody, Practice for Everyone in the Cross-Border Region" will be held in the village of Yanoshi, Berehiv District.

The growing volumes of waste in the transboundary region without proper management pose a serious risk to human health and the environment. This risk cannot be managed with existing waste management practices. There is an acute problem with the collection, processing and disposal of waste (especially in mountainous areas). Pollution of groundwater and the Tisza River and its tributaries, which run through the territory of Ukraine and neighboring countries - Slovakia and Hungary, indicate the need for an integrated approach to solving the problem of waste management in the transboundary region.

Abovementioned problems indicate the existence of a critical situation. The main specific objective of the project is to reduce the risks caused by waste fpr better water and soil quality. Achieving the goal can contribute to the ecologically sustainable development of the common cross-border region on the external border of the EU, which is the overall goal of the project.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs of Hungary, the Ministry of Energy of Hungary, representatives of diplomatic missions of Ukraine and Hungary, deputies of various levels, leadership of the Transcarpathian region (Ukraine) and the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county (Hungary), heads of local territorial communities, representatives of public organizations and mass media are invited.

Venue of the event: Hotel Helikon, Berehivskyi district, Yanoshi village, Taras Shevchenko Str., 45. Start at 1:00 p.m.