30 September 2020 - Works on reconstruction of the dam and hydraulic structures are being carried out on the territory of Ukraine


Works on reconstruction of the dam and hydraulic structures are being carried out on the territory of Ukraine


Construction works started within the project “Strengthening of Cross-border Safety by Joint Measures aimed at Flood and Inland Water Prevention in the Interfluves of Tisza-Tur Rivers” (SAFETISZA) at the end of 2019 for reconstruction of the left-bank dam of Tisza River in the area between Tekovo village and Gotenya village (Vynohradiv district) are being performed by contracted organisation in 2020.

The project is implemented by the Tisza River Basin Water Resources Directorate in Ukraine in partnership with the Upper Tisza Regional Water Directorate in Hungary, as well as the Vynohradiv Interrayon Department of Water Management in Ukraine, Vynohradiv Rayon State Administration in Ukraine and Ukrainian public organisation “Ekosfera”.

To date, construction company has implemented:
• reconstruction of the left-bank water protection dam on 2 (two) sections with a total length of 8.4 km;
• bank protection of Tisza River in 2 (two) sections with a total length of 495 m;
• arrangement of 6 (six) crossings through the water protection dam.

Currently, works on reconstruction of the dam on the territory of Ukraine are being carried out and will be continued in 2021, in particular, it is planned to cover operational road, as well as sowing grass and operation of the dam.

In Hungary, both flood protection and protection from harmful effects of inland waters are extremely important. Due to the geographical features of the region and climate change, the target region also suffers from water shortages in dry weather, which is becoming more common.
As part of the infrastructure activities, the following measures are planned.
- Reconstruction of 6.7 km of reclamation canals
- Reconstruction of Center for flood protection in Shonkad village
- Construction of operational road along the crest of the right-bank dam of the Tur River with a length of 5.6 km

Currently, the Hungarian partner has adjusted design and estimate documentation for construction works and prepared documents for the announcement of the tender for construction works.

This cross-border cooperation and joint management of water resources will make possible effective flood mitigation measures and experience transfer from an EU to a non-EU country. The new technologies of dike crest covering will be applied on both sides of the border and up-to-date local flood protection centres will be established. The project foresees the interrelation of the flood protection activities and increase of population awareness on environmental issues, and educational activities for youth.

Project duration - 36 months (September 13th, 2019 – September 12th, 2022). EU contribution - 3,714,876.00 €