Košice chefs and confectioners club


  • Organisation Košice chefs and confectioners club
  • County Košice
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Romania, Ukraine
  • Contacts Tomáš Jakab / +421 918 380 962 / jakabtomas@icloud.com


Title of your project idea: Carpathian Culinary Heritage Network 

Objectives of your project idea: To conserve and popularize the role and range of the different traditional Carpathian food products and cuisines as a catalyst for sustainable regional development and preservation of local cultural heritage

Expected results: Developed potential and capacity, networks and supply chains of local stakeholders operating in traditional food & gastronomy sectors in Carpathian Regions

Target groups/final beneficiaries: Tourist visiting Carpathian regions, local farmers, restaurants chefs, local markets, food sector, gardeners and many more. 

Main planned activities: Networking, festivals, competitions, books, training courses

  • Culture