Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region


  • Organisation Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region
  • County Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Priority Promoting local culture and historical heritage along with tourism functions
  • Looking for partner from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania
  • Contacts Oksana Fedorovych, +380 67 344 2020,


Title of your project idea: NATURE/CULTURE Stations Network

Objectives of your project idea: To introduce the innovative tourism experiences along cultural and natural heritage routes in crossborder regions of Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary and to promote the cross border area through the Nature/Culture Stations Network.

Expected results: Project will establish new tourism infrastructures, will train local counterparts, provide extensive marketing campaign of the cross border Nature/Culture stations network. 

The project will achieve such programme level indicators: Increased number of visitors of reconstructed sites, Around 40 organizations using the programme support for promoting local culture and preserving historical heritage, 4 improved cultural and historical sites as a direct consequence of programme support, Min 4 cross border cultural events organized and tourist products developed using the ENI support

Target groups/final beneficiaries: Local communities, Tourism businesses, Universities/educational institutions, students, Cultural institutions / key local attractions. The final beneficiaries will be visitors, tourists and local population

Main planned activities: 1) to establish new innovative tourism facilities; 2) to organise training events and exchange study visits for local counterparts; 3) to produce education / guidance materials; 4) networking events to establish of Nature/Culture stations network; 5) promotional and marketing campaign.

  • Culture