1 June 2021 - Grant contract signing ceremony organised in Budapest


Grant contract signing ceremony organised in Budapest


The Joint Technical Secretariat organised a contract signing ceremony for a bileteral Romanian-Ukrainian cross-border cooperation project that starts implementation on the 1st of June, 2021. The contracted project with EU allocation of EUR 457,551.51 is awarded within the 3rd Call for Proposals.


The project “Early Warning and Joint Preparedness for Emergency Situations at Romanian-Ukrainian border” with an EU allocation of EUR 457,551.51 will be implemented during 12 months by TARNA MARE COMMUNE (RO) in partnership with the 6th State Fire and Rescue Unit of the Department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian Region, Ardud city (RO) and the Informational Center for Innovation and Development "NOVUM" (UA). The project partners will improve the reaction capacity during emergency situations interventions in Tarna Mare Commune, Ardud town, and the town Vinogradov and surroundings, while promoting good practices in 2 microregions: "Țara Oașului" and "Zona Satmarului" (29 communes and cities). 


Overall objective of the project will be realized through developing Early Warning System and intervention equipment on both sides of the common border, improving reaction capacity of 9 volunteer teams active in targeted area and strengthening long-term cross-border cooperation in the prevention and management of emergency situations. It contributes to program's objectives, as it addresses common challenges of the emergency response and disaster management capacity in the eligible area by facilitating rapid actions of project partners in certain emergency situations, reducing response time in the neighbourhood of RO-UA border.

The contracting of the projects awarded within the 3rd Call for Proposals continues and the grant contracts will be signed during the following month with beneficiaries intending to start implementation later this summer.