1 June 2023 - Seminar within the „GreenWheels: Ecotransport of the Future - Today!“ project


Seminar within the „GreenWheels: Ecotransport of the Future - Today!“ project


On May 31, 2023 in the premises of the hotel Thermal Šírava SPA RESORT took place an international seminar organized in the framework of "GreenWheels: Ecotransport of the Future - Today!" project implementation. 

It was attended not only by the lead project partner from the Factory of Investment Projects NGO Ukraine, the project team of the Hungarian project partner KIÚT Regional Development, the local project team of the First Contact Centre - Michalovce, but also by representatives of the business, public sector and public administration sector. At the beginning of the seminar participants were welcomed by Ing. Ľuboslav Závacký, Director of the First Contact Centre - Michalovce, being a project coordinator for the Slovak partner.

In BLOCK A, representatives of project partners informed the participants about the implementation. Ing. Ľuboslav Závacký from the First Contact Centre - Michalovce gave a presentation "Introduction of the project and current achievements in Slovakia". Mr. Eugen Lukša, representative of the Lead Beneficiary, which is the Factory of Investment Projects NGO Ukraine, gave an on-line presentation "Project presentation and current results achieved in Ukraine".  At the end of BLOCK A, Mr. András Rákoczi Project Manager and Ms. Daniella Vári-Nagy Communication Manager of KIÚT Regional Development Hungary made their presentation "Presentation of the construction of e-charging stations within the Green Wheels project in Hungary".

In BLOCK B, the attendees were informed about charging station technologies, charging and charging payment options, their compatibility and infrastructure development in the border regions of HU, SK and UA. The production of model lines of production of charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes was presented by Mr. Tomáš Kuník from ejoin, followed by Mr. Stanislav Kurek in an online presentation presented the smart technology of urban lighting control and the possibility of charging electric cars from public lighting poles produced by SEAK. PhDr. Lucia Vostáneková presented the Thermal Šírava SPA RESOORT, emphasizing the justification for the location of the EV charging hub in the area. At the end of BLOCK B, Mr. Tomáš Kuník presented the mobile application and implementation of SmartFuel Pass, i.e. a technology that enables cashless payments for charging.

In BLOCK C, the development of electromobility in Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine was presented in turn by Mr. Viktor Zagreba with an online presentation "Development, innovation and the impact of war on the market of electric vehicles in Ukraine", followed by an online presentation by Ms. Papp-Batta Alexandra with a presentation "Promotion of electric vehicles in Hungary through the GreenWheels project", and at the end of BLOCK C, Mr. Ľuboslav Závacký gave a presentation "The development of electromobility in Slovakia".

The specific aim of the project is to raise public awareness of the importance of climate-resilient transport, thus the low-carbon transport technology was introduced in BLOCK D by illustrating the individual types of propulsion, standards and charging options in a practical demonstration of some of the cars available at the Slovak market, where participants could not only get acquainted with the technologies of the featured cars, but also to verify them in practice with a short drive. At the end of BLOCK D, after the seminar and the evaluation of the project "GreenWheels: Ecotransport of the Future - Today !" the event was concluded.