30 November 2020 - Special medical equipment purchased for pediatric oncology department in Košice Hospital


Special medical equipment purchased for pediatric oncology department in Košice Hospital


St. Nicholas visited the Department of Children's Oncology and Hematology of the Children's Faculty Hospital in Košice early this year. New medical equipment has been purchased  within the "Joint Initiative to improve the quality of life of children with oncological diseases in the Transcarpathian, Košice and Prešov regions" project funded within ENI CBC "Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020" Programme.

Earlier in August, five pulsoximeters with accessories and four hanging germicidal radiators were provided. Now, in November, it is a new monitor. Portable pulsoximeter measures pulse and oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin in the blood. It is especially necessary for patients at risk of respiratory failure. Germicidal radiators destroy microorganisms in the air and are among the most effective safe ways of air disinfection. Multiparametric monitor can monitor oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart action and other parameters of the patients. The device displays, records and provides data output. A huge advantage is that it is small, portable and especially, adjustable and usable for all patients. These are primary advantages of new devices.

Children of all age groups, from newborns, infants and young children to adult adolescents that have not yet turned 19, from all over eastern Slovakia are being treated in the Department of Children's Oncology and Hematology. This is the reason why special devises are utmost usable addition to the current department's equipment.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 does not avoid pediatric patients. During COVID-19 pandemic it is even more important to use up to date medical equipment when it comes to taking care of the hygienic-epidemiological regime in the hospital because cancer patients are generally an endangered group. Children manage it well overall, however, for children with cancer there can be unpleasant complications. That is why among the purchased equipment there are also germicidal radiators, which disinfect the air in the whole department and in waiting rooms.