2 June 2021 - Health CBC grant contract has been signed in Budapest


Health CBC grant contract has been signed in Budapest






The Joint Technical Secretariat organised a contract signing ceremony for one more bileteral Romanian-Ukrainian cross-border cooperation project that started implementation on the 1st of June, 2021. The contracted project with EU allocation of EUR 763,529.81 is awarded within the 3rd Call for Proposals.

The project “Integrated solutions for improvement of health care and prevention services in cross border area” with an EU allocation of EUR 763,529.81 will be implemented during 24 months by Self-government of Santau Village (RO) in partnership with Self-government of Tarna Mare Village (RO) and MUNICIPAL NON-COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE “VYNOHRADIV DISTRICT HOSPITAL” OF VYNOHRADIV DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ZAKARPATTIA REGION (UA). The project addresses some of the weaknesses identified in the Romanian-Ukrainian border area in relation to the healthcare system (inadequate linkages between complementary services; poor understanding regarding the patient's needs; inequalities in healthcare infrastructure; failure to create proper administrative conditions for small communities healthcare services). 


The project’s overall objective is to increase the quality of health services in Santau, Tarna Mare and Vinograd and their surroundings with an infrastructure investment, purchasing of one ambulance and special equipment, which contributes to the establishment of adequate community health services in the border area. The project will contribute to the improvement of the life-quality of people living in the area, and in middle-term result is the increase of the number of healthier citizens. At the end of the project, the medical care for cross-border health problems shall be improved by identifying the best ways to promote medical competence.