16 October 2017 - Infrastructure component documentation costs made reimbursable


Infrastructure component documentation costs made reimbursable


The Prime Minister’s Office of Hungary, acting as the Managing Authority of the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020 issued two corrigenda covering both the 1st Call as well as the 2nd Call for Proposals. The introduced changes provide the opportunity for the selected projects to retroactively reimburse the costs related to the infrastructure component​​​​​​. 

The costs to be reimbursed retroactivelymust be incurred between the launching of the calls (17 February for the 1st Call and the 15 May for the 2nd Call) and the date of signing of the Grant Contract, if the project will be selected.

The activities eligible for retroactive award can be considered the following:

  • preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • preparation of the Full Feasibility Study;
  • elaboration of Technical documentation for infrastructure component of the project.

All studies and documentation for projects have to be in appropriate quality and up to date and no grant may be awarded retroactively for projects already completed. The grant beneficiaries can claim the reimbursement of the retroactive costs upon the submission of the first report and should envisage these costs in the project budget.

The full details of what retrospective award introduce as modification in the eligibility of costs are available in the corrigenda downloadable on the pages of the 1st Call and the 2nd Call for Proposals