31 July 2017 - Potential Applicants discuss Project Ideas at Partner Search Forum in Košice


Potential Applicants discuss Project Ideas at Partner Search Forum in Košice


130 potential applicants from eligible regions in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine attended on 26 July 2017 the Partner Search Forum in Košice organised by the Joint Technical Secretariat with the support of TESIM project. Representatives of regional and local authorities, public organisations as universities, medical institutions, as well as non-governmental organisations had the opportunity to find suitable partners for the opened 1st and 2nd Calls for Proposals, and to start discussing together ideas and further steps for project development.

The partner search forum was interactive and aimed to give to potential applicants information and tips on finding partners and building partnerships. At the event, the participants were encouraged to network according to the Programme priority corresponding to their field of interest. The participants showed their priority on their badges and were seated around tables according to their priorities.

The TESIM experts presented to the participants at the event the roles and responsibilities of lead partners and partners & key requirements, as well as tips for finding partners & building and maintaining real CBC partnerships (presentations available below). Some experienced project partners from the previous period shared their experience of partnership building in the 2007-2013 programme period. The JTS presented the requirements of the opened Calls for Proposals including eligibility of partnerships.

The completed project idea forms provided by the participants during registration were displayed on the walls of the partner forum venue; the forms included the contact details of the person representing the organisation during the partner forum, sharing the willingness to cooperate with potential project partners under the Programme and facilitating direct contacts during the day. The registration time, lunch and coffee break time were also used for sharing project ideas and networking among potential applicants and partners. 

More pictures from the event on our Facebook account.